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"Words to the Weary" by Rev. Aimee'

Can you believe we're about eight weeks away from the end of the year!? It all goes by so quickly , doesn't it?

2018 has been filled with extraordinary growth and some monumental challenges. If this year has been tough on you and those you care about, I understand.

Often I say to myself, “Aimee’, just keep going.” After all someone needs me? I have purpose.” Well- So do you!

Just keep going. You've got blessings — no doubt. But you're also doing your best to navigate some obstacles too. Those tough times don't come out of 'nowhere.' They come precisely when you're ready to grow and be more of who you really are. Evolve. Be good to yourself. Rest when you can. Don't forget to find reasons to laugh and have fun. Surround yourself with more positive, aligned, and supportive people. But above all… Just keep going. Because when you have faith and keep doing what you can, everything can change. I know it may not feel like it right now, but it's true. Things are lining up ‘behind the scenes’ and are getting better and better. Keep this in mind when you may need inspiration and remember. JUST KEEP GOING With love and light, Aimee’

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