April 26, 2019

The other morning I was engaged in my usual routine. Meditation. Breakfast ( aka coffee). Getting ready for the day while listening to some podcasts. There was a commercial that started speaking about weight loss and suddenly, a flood of emotions, thoughts, and subsequ...

November 3, 2018


Can you believe we're about eight weeks away from the end of the year!? It all goes by so quickly , doesn't it?

2018 has been filled with extraordinary growth and some monumental challenges. If this year has been tough on you and those you care about, I understand.


October 25, 2018

Welcome to Week 3 of the 'Month of Practical Magic' where we talk about it's place in pop culture and some history about how its evolved throughout the years. It only seemed fitting to interview Glinda the Good Witch, Aimee Jordan. 

You may remember Aimee from Episo...

April 3, 2018

Im often asked what can I do to just feel better? To feel connected in life? I notice with my clients, especially women, that an imbalance of yin and yang is an issue. This simply put means we have become more driven, assertive, and action driven. That in itself isn’t...

August 25, 2017

Seeking a licensed massage therapist , to be an integral part of our Holistic Health Center. Our center offers modalities such as Reiki, Reflexology, Therapeutic and Thai massage. We also have a small 'unique boutique' for our customers.

To join our team you must be:

August 25, 2017

Self love. I've often wondered why that subject has become such a topic of interest. I've questioned at times, why we need to focus on 'self love' when there are so many people who need to feel it themselves? So much poverty in all ways. So many people and animals with...

August 8, 2017

Just in time for the New moon and New Year! Here’s our latest guided meditation that will help you, reflect, renew, and recharge!
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Earth Angel Sacral Chakra Meditation

Sacral Meditation Balan...

May 2, 2017

It’s May …

When I think of Spring I ponder the thoughts of hope, renewed energy, and growth. I feel lighter along with those thoughts. I am downloaded with ideas and have a feeling of vitality! What I noticed in the past is after a month or so, things began to stagnate....

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August 25, 2017

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