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Spiritual Readings


Earth Angels offers Angel Intuitive Reading sessions that will focus on your questions and desires, and should be looked at as a guide or a map. We intuitively pick up on your energy, and we use clairvoyance (clear seeing) and clairsentience (clear feeling) when we do readings. That means we see things in our mind’s eye, and get feelings about issues you’re facing.

We will connect with spirit guides and angels, and your team of guides, angels, and loved ones who have passed over to deliver messages to you to help guide you on your journey. In addition, we will use decks of Angel or Oracle cards. And while the cards may offer you advice, or even predict outcomes, we all have free will, so ultimately you determine what happens in your life. We only share information that would be for your best and highest good.

These Angel Readings are in person (at 2541  Scranton Rd. Cleveland, Ohio 44113), over the phone, or through email. You choose. After your purchase, contact email to give your request. You don’t need to bring or prepare anything, just yourself and an open mind.

Please specify in your email (if any) which reader you would like  to connect with:

Aimee (phone only)





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