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Since childhood, Alisha Janiece has been a ‘sensitive’. Perceiving other’s gifts and light, but not having the understanding or ‘tools’ to make sense of her abilities. As Alisha grew, she seemed to be drawn to helping and guiding those around her, which is why she chose to be a mediator in middle and high school.

In college she almost pursued a degree in psychology but realized her truth didn’t completely resonate with the traditional teachings. She found herself attempting to find truth inside of religion and discovered that it wasn’t there either. Finally in 2017, she found a home and her alignment here at Earth Angels. She gained the tools and answers previously sought, and began helping others on their spiritual path as well. She is now a Certified level 2 Usui Reiki practitioner (trained by Aimee’Jordan), and offers intuitive readings at EA. Alisha will be extending her practice to life coaching later this year. When she is not blessing the sanctuary of EA, she is writing and performing her published  poetry work.

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