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My name is Salli and my story began at a very young age. I had a profound experience at a young age, which opened me up to the spiritual realm.  Thankfully, my family life enriched the development of my metaphysical cravings. This ultimately enabled me to share my teachings and abilities with others. I don’t consider what I do as a job, it is my calling.

The largest part of the journey began in 1997.  I had three young children, and was pursuing a nursing career. My mother was on a journey of her own, and asked my sister and I to go into business with her. Having no idea what I was getting into, I trusted the universe had a plan for us.  Even though life from there has been a winding road of triumphs, struggles, twists and turns, it has been the most fulfilling and rewarding experience.

Over the past 21 years, I have become an ordained minister, certified holistic practitioner, aroma touch therapist, reiki master, and my new found passion, a doTerra essential oil wellness advocate.  

When I am not sniffing oils, aligning chakras, and letting the reiki flow, I love my fur babies, camp fires, practicing guitar, gardening, and spending time with my family.  Most of all, I love helping people discover their potential, tap into their innate abilities, and bring healing to their mind, body and spirit.  

I have developed amazing relationships with my clients and look forward to establishing many more with assisting them with their wellness needs!  Whatever you may be seeking, Earth Angels Holistic health strives to be a sanctuary and provide tools for better living.

Blessed be!

Salli Shank

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