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Why Self love?

Self love. I've often wondered why that subject has become such a topic of interest. I've questioned at times, why we need to focus on 'self love' when there are so many people who need to feel it themselves? So much poverty in all ways. So many people and animals without a home. So much suffering. After all then, shouldn't we focus the energy of love onto others/this? Then I recently woke up one day after working with many clients, and felt like I was run over. I mean straight up could barely manage to get my ritual morning cuppa joe. (I know right)? I am someone who teaches and practices self care. Meditation daily. Natural light 'therapy'. Time in nature. Vegan cupcakes, etc. So, why was I feeling this way? Was I getting 'sick'? Well, I'm aware that everything begins as energy so that's where I began to dig. After a brief internal 'excavation,' I realized I was not feeling well because I was allowing resistance. This resistance began I discovered, with self deprecating thoughts. "You've gained weight." " Your pants aren't fitting as good anymore." "You should work even more & harder." " World peace begins with you."(well not really, but you get the picture!) I was quite literally blaming myself for being human. For being a woman who's not 30 anymore and who's body is changing to support her evolution. Wanting to push myself when I know forced action only leads to misalignment of energy and results; not more success. So, I began to see the connection. I began to fill in the blanks where some relationships felt more distant. I noticed where some connections had become blurry. My radar definitely needed some fine tuning. It's all related! We can't pour love into another if our vessel is empty. We can't have clear spiritual wifi when we are not appreciating and chilling with our highest self. We truly need to appreciate, respect, and unconditionally love ourselves, imperfections and all. This aids us in living truer to our full purpose and radiate pure positive energy. This week I have begun with some self appreciation. Im telling myself that I have some nice attributes and more importantly, I can walk, run, see, and feel my way through the world. What does a flat tummy got on that? I'm taking even more time for myself in the forest and doing what I like. That helps me feel like I'm vibing with the motherland and it's peeps. Eroding of self love begins when you compare yourself to others. We are all unique and if you're just trying to do right out there, that's enough. Love the body, mind, and soul you were given. Perhaps you chose every piece and part, all of the contrast and struggles, before you came to this planet. So- choose to embrace yourself. I assure you, you'll be able to give with ease, and those that are around you will feel this intensified vibration and love like never before! Loving self feels good. Not loving doesn't. Let's all feel good while we can. Shall we? #selflove #love #goodintentions

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