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Rev Aimee’ Jordan  I. A. R. P. Reiki Master/ Instructor, (Founder of  Gattai Method ™️, Ordained Minister, Educated Life/Soul Coach,  Certified in Aromatouch Technique, Wellness Practitioner. 


Aimee' Jordan has been an intuitive since childhood. Her experiences began with a natural ability to communicate clairvoyantly with those that had ‘crossed over.' She was also able to connect and attune herself with the subtle energy field coming from both people and animals. After a serious childhood accident in which her Guardian Angel intervened, Aimee’ began to experience more enhanced phenomena.  Overwhelmed by her sensitivities, she dealt with some imbalances that eventually led her to a deep study of holistic health and the mind/ body connection. Through the guidance beginning with her father, ( a medium), and her mother, (a spiritualist minister), she was able to eventually 'fine tune' her gifts.  In 1997, Aimee’ began working professionally with her mother the late Rev. Sandra Malusky, and her sister Salli Shank, opening Heavenly Hardware Gift Shop and the Crystal Rose Tea room in Cleveland. With further advanced training in metaphysics and holistic health, her journey has led her to the renovation and opening of Earth Angels Holistic Health Center, where she is currently in practice today. 

Aimee' specializes in working with trauma survivors, spiritual development, and Reiki for both animals and their human companions. She leads a women’s meditation and psychic development circle, is an Internationally registered Reiki instructor, and leads various workshops and seminars with topics ranging from; connecting to our Angels, plant based wellness, and guided meditation. Coined the ‘Reiki RockStar’™️for a reason, she teaches light and uniquely taught Reiki and Energy work classes! Her life's work has been featured in Cleveland Magazine, Cleveland Living, and Balanced Living magazine. She's also been a guest on several local cable television shows, featured as an Angel and Spirit Channeler. Formally a co-host on the internet Radio show ‘The Butterfly Effect,' she now offers guided meditations and inspirational videos on You Tube’s, ‘Earth Angels Radio’. 

Aimee’s ultimate intention is to assist her clients in empowering themselves to discover their own truth. She strongly believes that each and every one of us has the ability from within to manifest a magical life for ourselves! 

In her precious personal time, Aimee’ enjoys spending time exploring nature, chasing Unicorns, meditating, sipping an abundance of coffee, and writing sappy poetry. 


I love Aimee!  I’ve been coming to see her for quite a few years now and have benefited tremendously from our time together.  She has given me valuable insight into many aspects of my life, which has helped me grow and, in many cases, heal.  Her space is full of peaceful energy, and her soothing voice and healing hands always leave me with a feeling of wellbeing and with a greater sense of inner confidence.  Aimee has been a grounding influence in my life for which I am eternally grateful!

 - Marilyn Sadler

In late 2005 I was introduced to Reiki Master Aimee’ Jordan at the original Earth Angels location. At the time having no idea the affect this sacred practice of Reiki would have on my life. Back then, my understanding of Energy and the amazing health benefits of this practice were next to none. What I would come to know over the next 10 plus years has had a profound affect on my life.

Along with the Reiki she continues educating me and gives me, “homework”. Things that I can do between visits that increase the benefits I have received from the session. She listens to my feedback and when I leave a session I feel grounded, balanced and energized at the same time.


When some type of sickness has come my way, it usually moves quickly through my system with symptoms being much more mild.  This I would attribute to both my regular Reiki sessions and mediation practice over the past 12 years.

What I have come to know is that going to her twice a month is an integral part of keeping myself in a state of perfect health.  Her intuitive guidance over the years has helped me recognize many opportunities as they appear in my life!

 ~ Andrew Holland

Director of You Can You Will Foundation 

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