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"What can I do to just feel better?"

Im often asked what can I do to just feel better? To feel connected in life? I notice with my clients, especially women, that an imbalance of yin and yang is an issue. This simply put means we have become more driven, assertive, and action driven. That in itself isn’t negative. However, when you forget its your natural state to pause, to feel, to receive, one may become out of balance.

Here are a few simple and solid practices to begin to get centered and continue on your journey with less effort!

  • 1. MEDITATION This is the key to it all. Meditation is more of a practice that can include spiritual or religious practice that happens to include mindfulness.

  • Intentionally being aware of your thoughts and where you apply them. (Mindfulness ) is intentional use of your attention. Just start somewhere. A few deep breaths focused on relaxing your body is a perfect starting point!

  • 2. NATURE. This is so beneficial and underutilized. We are most peaceful in a natural environment. Who doesn’t enjoy a walk on the beach or hiking in the woods? This Helps clear the mind, connect us to grounding energies, AND source or the Divine.

  • 3. Feel to heal. Once you can FEEL your emotions and accept them, a few techniques may assist you in evolving on your personal journey. Receiving Therapy or Life/soul coaching sessions, may help you discover the roots of your issues and allow you to transform or release them.

  • 4. CLEAR CLUTTER. Friends! It’s time to compassionately remove clutter from your environment and life. This may include your OWN toxic thoughts, old ‘friends’, and certain foods. Do this and notice how quickly you feel a shift.

  • 5. 30 minutes a day just for YOU! This doesn't include what you may do for others that makes you feel needed, or scrolling through facebook. This is about your mind, body, and spiritual needs. A long bath? Time just to read a cheesy magazine? When was the last time you just rocked it out to your favorite music. Just do you!

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