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Tiger's Eye polished stone. Hand selected just for you, size and shape will vary.

Strength and power meet in the high energy mood of this tumbled Tiger Eye Stone Set. Bringing all that big cat energy to the table, the Tiger Eye gem is a glorious stone of grounding, good luck, and getting what you want in life. These Tiger Eye tumbled stones activate our solar plexus chakra and ensure that we have the will to throw our energy in the right direction.




Glowing with fierce protective power, you cannot help but be drawn to the gold and black bands of the beautiful Tiger Eye tumbled stones. These healing crystals are here to push away dead-end energy and to fill us to the brim with a sense of self-confidence. Tigers Eye does this soul work by ensuring that your roots run deep, your mind is clear, and that your core is strong and solid so no winds can shake or strip you back to the bone.

Like the predator from which the glinting gem takes its name, the Tigers Eye taps into intuition, awakens the third eye, and teaches you to put trust into your instincts. It tells you that your body knows when to leap or leave and when we awaken our solar plexus chakra, we will find all the answers we need. 

A healing balm, Tigers Eye also stops us from being fence-sitters. These tumbled stones are excellent to hold on to when we are trying to figure out which way to go. They stabilize and ground and help us to see from a different perspective. Tigers Eye may sound as solid as a rock, but this gem has its spiritual side too. It’s an awesome amplifier which makes it a perfect tool for manifesting magic.

Tiger's Eye stone

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