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Red Jasper polished stone. Hand selected just for you, size and shape will vary.

Comforting and warm, this tumbled Red Jasper Stone Set brings grounding, protection, and shades of passion into your world. Red Jasper is a glorious healing crystal and is known for its ability to deliver a heady dose of physical strength, up your courage levels, and help you deal with difficult situations. For those who want a little extra support, these Red Jasper Stones are the bereft nurturing cure. 

“With these stones, I move out of numbness and connect to earth energy and my own fire”




Oozing energy and a spark of passion, the Red Jasper stone is also known as the Stone of Endurance and for good reason. This red colored gem has long been beloved by scholars, healers, and mages - those who recognize its ability to sharpen the mind, bring energy to the body, and get you grounded. 

As a root chakra stone, Red Jasper knows how essential a strong foundation is. This gem keeps you calm and stable and able to approach whatever issue you have by counting on your own knowledge and ease. By placing the Red Jasper tumbled stone on your root chakra, you can clear any blockages and keep the energy flowing from the earth right up to your crown. 

Emotionally, Red Jasper is your new therapist. This gem brings you back from the brink of numbness and makes sure that you can find divine healing even when muddling through a mind mending challenge. Ever ready to stoke your creative fire, bring zest and passion to relationships, and raise your sense of self-worth and inner power, Red Jasper is a warm joy.

Red Jasper stone

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