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I am honored to tell you about the journey that lead me to Earth Angels. Since early adulthood, I had a strong sense and passion to help other people. I had very little guidance or direction, but so many people came into my life and  helped shape me into the person I have become. I then began doing the same for others, teaching them the principles I was taught and giving them the tools I was given. In 2013, I discovered my love for massage while attending Cosmetology school, and I became certified in Relaxation massage.

In 2017 I was introduced to Earth Angels. I met a practitioner at the salon I was working at. She invited me to come in for Reiki and I never left! Immediately, I felt at home, and the opportunity arose to become a part of the team. My love for helping others, my skills in body work, and my Intuition are all being utilized on a daily basis. The gratitude I have for a sanctuary like this is beyond words. I encourage and invite you to come see for yourself.


With Love,

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