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In this mini meditation manifestation course, you will receive tools to begin unfolding your true souls desires. There are limiting beliefs we place upon ourselves, that block our truest potential. This practice will begin to help you unlock new doors within. 

What’s included: 
We will set a 11 minute call to discuss and review any limiting beliefs and your desired aspirations. You’ll receive instructions ( written) for a 21 day self directed meditation and manifesting practice. 
We will have a follow up email connection, where you may then consider taking the next step in your journey . 
You’ll also receive a personalized gift after completion! 💝


Please select "pickup" as a shipping option, follow link below, scroll to bottom where you can "add to cart" and schedule your Mini Manifestation Meditation Training Course. All material needed will be emailed:

Mini Manfestation Meditation Training Course

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