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Crystal Quartz polished stone. Hand selected just for you, size and shape will vary.

Clarity and truth are yours to capture with these tumbled Clear Quartz stones. These icy bright gems are here to amplify your inner power, cleanse your chakras from tip to toe, and give your soul a spring clean of any negative energy you may have been clinging to. Whether you place them on your person, stash them in your pocket, or use them to harmonize your home, these tumbled stones help you get crystal clear.




Clear the fog and follow your spirit guides as the master healer of Clear Quartz gets you ready for a new lease of life. Ever ready to raise your vibrations, tap into those secret wells of wisdom, and amplify the energy of the universe, these quartz stones buzz with benefits for the body, mind, and soul. Clear Quartz is a crystal clear shield, helping to protect you from negative energy and to make sure that your power is being channeled in the most beautifully beneficial way.

The Clear Quartz crystal is a talisman and spirit guide for top-shelf health too. Pure in color and charm, this tumbled gemstone can deliver a pick me up for your immune system and help the body when it comes to detoxing too. For those who often feel depleted or shrouded in a cloud of confusion, Clear Quartz can clear the way. The master healer by name and nature, Clear Quartz can be used in reiki healing, chakra cleansing, Feng Shui balancing, and as a protective element to bring harmonizing energy.

This is a great healing stone for spiritual growth and for turning up the power dial on all your other gems. Other healing crystals and tumbled stones love being in the company of the Clear Quartz crystal as it is a light bringer, a natural recharger, and ever ready to amplify energy into something brighter and bolder. A must-have for your crystal pack, these tumbled Clear Quartz stones are full of soul.

Crystal Quartz

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