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Himalayan Salt Box

Himalayan Salt Box Session

Our Himalayan salt lamps/box 'treatments' and it's many benefits : 


*They Reduce the Symptoms of Allergies

Our treatment boxes are hygroscopic, which means that they attract water molecules to their surface. Dust and other pollutants are caught in the water molecules, and once it reaches the surface area, the gentle heat evaporates the water but retains the contaminants. Because Himalayan Salt is such a great air purifier, they also manage to remove pet hair and pollen  from the environment, which is usually catalytic for allergies. Consecutive sessions may improve allergy symptoms within two weeks.


*They Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation (EM)  

The last thing that we want in our lungs is dust particles, pollution, and invisible chemicals: Our Himalayan salt boxes help to increase the oxygen level and quality of the air that you're breathing, potentially improving the functioning of lungs. 


*They Increase the Quality of Sleep

The increased supply of rich oxygenated air helps to give you better quality sleep and clarity during meditation. Each session will bring a deeper affect and state of serenity. 


*They Improve Energy Levels

By neutralizing static energy and filling your environment with cleaner, more oxygenated air, you may benefit from an increase in energy, cognitive function and blood flow. 


*They Lift Your Mood

Studies have shown that static charge and electromagnetic radiation can cause stress and fatigue, as well as triggering negative emotions. This can put us in a 'funky' state, which is hard to shake off without a source of refreshment!  Himalayan salt  'treatments' are perfect for this purpose; as it provides a clean, calm and fresh environment that can lift your mood with minimal effort.


Studies have proven that Himalayan salt lamps offer plenty of anti-bacterial power, reducing harmful bacteria in the air by as much as 96%. This leads to faster healing of wounds and injuries.


 *** Our sessions are customized to your needs and include utilization of Aromatic humidifier, Chakra balancing with Crystals & Reiki • while you 'bliss out'. ***

*** Special introductory rate of: $15 (if combined with other holistic treatment•) or $20 for 60 minutes! ***

To schedule your time please email: or call 216-861-9000






•Patients who have cancer

•Patients who have or have had tuberculosis

•Patients who have cardiac insufficiency

•High blood pressure diseases  / hypertension in IIB stage

•Acute stage of respiratory disease

•Chronic obstructive lung diseases with 3rd stage of chronic lung insufficiency


•All internal diseases in decompensation/fever


(The products and the claims made about specific products on or through this site have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.)


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