Tap into the vibration of
unconditional self love and acceptance. An uplifting and floral mixture infused with the essences of herbs & crystals, this oil is prepared with the intention of raising your vibration to one of SELF LOVE.
This handcrafted oil is made with the highest purpose and care by a Reiki Master Healer. Use this anointing oil when the need and desire is to open up channels of unconditional self love in your life. This oil is imbued with the power of the celestial transits of the Full Moon in Aquarius while the Sun was in Leo.
Directions for use: Anoint wrists, neck and third eye as you speak words of power into the Universe. Suggested affirmation:
“I now open my heart to unconditional love and acceptance for myself. And so it is!”
Thank the Universe for your blessings and have faith in the flow of much more to come your way. For best results repeat this process for 28 days.


Rose, lavender, white sage, jasmine, carob, vanilla, sarsaparilla root, rose hips, clove, ylang ylang, 100% organic carrier oils & the essences of Rose Quartz and Rhodocrosite.
*Use on skin with care if allergies to grass or sensitivities to essential oils are present.
*Each batch is intuitively made so variations may occur.
*For external use only.

Love Myself Oil Potion (Aromatherapy)


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